We are in the middle of corn fields.

We are 2 miles south

& 2 miles west of


(1 mile South of Hwy 141 from the North Side)

A little over 2 miles west of Hwy 141

from the East side)

72 Years for Wilma  with the Ballroom.

Wilma married Pete Bess  in 1944.

(Previous owners.) .... but She started

dancing at the Ballroom in  '37 or '38

 In her high school years. (that's 79 years)

Yes .... There was a Lake.

Mr. Robbins made a man-made lake

& put an 8 sided cabin on it with a board walk. This was in the beginning of 1920's. He started building the Ballroom

in 1929 & opened

November 11, 1931.

Herbie Kay out of Chicago was the Orchestra. His female vocalist was

Dorothy Lamour.

She was 17 years old.

We Celebrated the Ballroom's 

89th Anniversary 

Sunday Nov. 8, 2020

(actual date is 11/11/1931)

 Rumor has it ..  Frank Sinatra

was out here singing with the Dorseys

I'll be checking this out

We know Ronald Regan danced out

here when he worked for WHO


11 more years & we'll be celebrating

  100  years

26726 150th St

Woodward,  IA    50276



We are so sorry to lose some more of

our old friends & dancers.

Ray Duffee 2/23/14

Jean Zmolek   3/30/14

Dave Barnes  5/15/14

Margaret Lee  5/18/14

Coloma (Kip) Shannon  6/21/14 (our ticket Lady)

Max Wheelwright 6/28/14

Joseph Book 7/30/2014

Evelyn Dagnillo 9/16/14

Rhonda Armstrong 11/28/14

We are so sorry to lose

more Friends

Al Godfredsen 2/6/15

Pinky Redman  - 2/17/15 Al Welsh Orchestra's drummer for 60 years.

Del Martin 1/2015

Helen Cunningham  11/18/2014
Johnny Saunders 2/8/2015
Gary Grant 2/20/2015

Vince Morris  2/21/2015

Eleanore  Meier  8/3/2015

Lou Greco 8/17/2015

Marilyn Meyer  8/31/2015

Howard Clemons  9/   /2015

Jack Vierling    11/3/2015

Josephine Thiel   11/7/2015

Robert Ziesman 12/4/2015

Larry Schultze  12/6/2015

Bill Cardwell   1/7/2016
Reta Williams 1/28/2016

Alice Jenkins 2/21/2016

Lester Menke 3/5/2016

Karen Swenson 6/11/16

Conrad John 6/17/16

Wilma Jean Bess 7/2/2016 (Previous Owner)

Arlene Hendrixson 7/17/16A

Duane (Bud) Young 7/23/16

Jeanne Robbins Phillips 9/17/16 ( Father & Grandfather built Lake Robbins)

Charles Heinz  10/16

Dick Smith 11/26/16

Norman Gore 1/29/17

Arlyce Nichols 3/2/17

Jeanette Ziesman 3/6/17

Don Kinnison 5/16/17

Michael Westaby 5/17/17 (Gloria & Marlo's son)

Gary "Hatch" Hatcher 6/30/17

Patsy Capen 7/1/17

Belle Maring 8/31/17

Tim Dawson 10/13/17

Nada Shannon 11/24/17

Betty Greif - Feldmann 2/13/18

Anoka Stratton  4/25/18

Noah Bess 5/14/2018 (Wilma & Pete's son)

​Bryan Idso 7/9/18 (Karon's son & our PT Cook)

Howard Hammond  7/23/18

​Maggie Radebaugh 7/27/18

Velma Bailey 9/17/18 (one of the Bouton ladies who helped us.)

Charles Radke  10/12/18  (keyboard in Al Welsh & Everett Boyer's bands)

Horace Young 10/19/18

Wendall Eike 11/6/2018

Gordie Strain  2/9/19 (with Midwest Rock & Soul Revue Band)

​Helen Bush  2/21/19

Jon Stafford 3/13/19   (According to Hoyle Band)

Ross Leeper 4/11/19   (Al Welsh & Everett Boyer's Bands)

Joan Lindner 4/14/19

Everett Boyer 6/2019 (his 1st job with his band was here at Lake Robbins)

Maxine Martens 7/4/19

Nancy Dean  8/28/19  (Tex Dean's wife)

Keith Knight  10/2/19

Owen           10/6/19

Jack West  10/22/19

Nadine Christensen 12/4/19

Carol Reeves 4/12/20 (She was a great help .. kitchen & serving)

Loren Roiger 4/25/20

Tex Dean 6/2020 (Drummer for Everett Boyer, Stardusters, Sentimential Swing)

Russell Dent 6/23/20

Noel Friday 7/2020

 LakeRobbins Ballroom 


We just heard Everett Boyer

passed away in June 2019

What a great lost. His first job with his band was at Lake Robbins. He told me he was always greatful to Wilma for given his band a chance.

His band was always one of the favorites at the Ballroom.  We sure have missed his wonderful music.

Available for Weddings  & In House Catering

See our Wedding page

I'm not sure what year this was taken but this is the north side of the Ballroom. It's changed a bit.

We are doing better than last month with your help.  Thank you

Helen Bush

April 9, 1919 - Feb. 21, 2019 *************

Wilma with good friends, Marge, Judy, & Helen

 Our Ticket Lady for 81 3/4 - 82years     

We do take reservations
On  regular dances you may call in or let us know. We do not guarantee a certain table but will try to get you close to the area you like.
We have employees taking reservations all the time & sometimes the table may already be spoken for & we're not aware of it.
Reservations are 1st come 1st serve bases.
Some of our regular dancers have favorite tables
& have let the waitresses know they are coming.
They usually get the same table all the time.
On Special Events
(Some events we do NOT take reservations)
There are no regular tables. If you want a table you need to reserve. We need to know you are coming. It is 1st to reserve gets the table. So if you have a favorite it is best to reserve early. (Weeks ahead).
Some special events are reservations only with advanced tickets.  The day before or day of

will not get you close to the dance floor.

My dancers reserve early to get the best tables.
We are trying hard to be fair with reservations & we have had some big screw ups & we're sorry it happened. Please be patient we are trying to make it better. We have had some big nights, but we have never ran out of room. So please don't let not having a reservation stop you from coming. We will find you a table.

She was


​​​​Bryan Idso 

July 24, 1986 -July 9, 2018

Karon's son & our Friend

He also was our part time cook/bartender

Our hearts go out to

their families. 
A lot of fond memories in remembering them out here dancing.

Feb. 1, 1923 - July 2, 2016

            Crowds are a little better.  We are doing better.  It's encouraging!

9/19... Route 66

CW .. 7-11 .. $10

DANCE LESSON ...Sun. 9/20 & 27 ..

3:30-4:30 pm .. $5

Teacher - William Pauge .. Lesson - Beginners

(he is going to decide with the group)

9/20 ... Stardusters

Big Band .. 5 - 8:30 ... $13

A Special Thanks to Steve & Mary for all the hard work they did cleaning up trees


the Automated

A specialThank Youto our Dancers, Bands & Friends

for the Contributions so that we can have one here at the Ballroom.  A Very Special THANK YOU

for the ones who promoted  & made it happen. 

What can I say .... we have the best !

So sorry to lose Tex Dean

he was the drummer for

Everett Boyer, Stardusters,

Al Welsh, Sentimential Swing,

One of the Best

He was one of the first to win

on the Ted Mack Show.

He was also the drummer for

Pat Boone many years ago.

ON HOLD .....

Being Rescheduled

 We're Still Dancing! 

as of  Aug. 28, 2020

Cowboys . . .  seem to be bringing a

little better crowd

Don't know what's happening to our

Rock 'n Rollers . . . .

We are dancing ... BUT

the Crowds are small ..

plenty of social distancing ...

Tables are 6ft apart .. 

We can have 100 couples on the

floor & still  be 6ft apart!

We need  more people

to keep us open  ....   just hoping

to pay the overhead

BUT .. are YOU ready to come back?

We want you to be safe so only come if you feel you are ready.

They/we  recommend that you wear masks

The help will be wearing masks.

If we all do it for a month .. it would prove

something .....

Keep checking Facebook - the Website

& the Answering Machine

​​This Ballroom was Built for Dancing!

You will find more dance dates on the Schedule page.

With a little help from our Friends

Since the crowds have been small

the bands have agreed to lower their fee until we can get more people coming in.

We also went up a $1 on the door.

We hope that we can be able

make enough to cover expenses & ride out the virus.  Thank you

for all that have helped. 

We really have some

great people out here! Thank you

Gangster Nite

April 4, 2020

(Saturday)  ...  7 - 11 ... $10

Bob Fields

& Swingtime

Nite Club Swing

Bobby Darin ... Michael Bubie

The Rat Pack ...Frank Sinatra .. Dean Martin .. Sammy Davis Jr.

& many more

* Nite Club atmosphere

* Know the password to get in

* Dress up like your favorite Gangster

* Prizes for best Gangsters & Dolls