Frequently Asked Questions

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The ballroom has live music and dancing almost every Saturday and Sunday as well as special events for holidays or special concerts by additional bands.

Not at all! Visitors of all skill levels are welcome, and there is a lesson offered before almost every dance so that new or returning dancers can improve their skills. Ask any of the dancers there and they'd be happy to show you some moves.

Dancers are welcome to come by themselves, with partners, or in a group! It can be easier to come with a partner, but it is certainly not a requirement. There are many single dancers who would love to show newcomers around the dance floor.

The type of music is found in the description of each event. Saturdays have many types of music, from swing to country western to rock and roll. Sundays have big band music, which means a 4-6 piece band playing songs for foxtrot, waltz, tango, swing, and more!

Admission is cash only (no cards accepted at the ticket window), and usually ranges from $5 to $20 per person and depends on the event. Make sure to account for the cost of all events you are attending. For example, if you come for a lesson ($5) and a dance ($10), your total admission will be $15 cash.

There is no formal dress code, but most female dancers wear a dress or a skirt and most male dancers wear formal pants with a button-up shirt.

Food and drinks are available anytime the ballroom is open. A standard menu can including things like soup, salad, hamburgers, chicken strips, and more. Be sure to ask your server about the nightly special!

You can use cash or card to pay for food and drinks, but there is a 4% service fee on all card transactions.

No, we do not permit guests to bring their own food or drinks, even water bottles. Food and beverages are available for purchase whenever the ballroom is open.

Yes, you may call the ballroom in the week before the event (or up to three weeks before for special events) to reserve a table. However, we do not guarantee a specific table. The only exception is that tables cannot be reserved with some special events.